Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Exciting News!

I love Laduree's macarons but they also have amazing desserts and pastries. I can't wait to enjoy some of these in their tearoom!
A customer told me the best news this past Sunday at SoWa. Laduree is finally opening a location in NYC! I looked it up and they're scheduled to open sometime this month at 864 Madison Avenue. How this news escaped me for 2 months is beyond me but I am so excited! I love Laduree and their macarons. In fact, I'm pretty obsessed with them. I've blogged about macarons endlessly (here, here, here, and here) and have been making them at home whenever I have the chance. Not to mention that I love taking pictures of them. I can hardly wait but somehow it's also a little bittersweet since I associate Laduree with being in Paris on a wonderful vacation. Now that it's more accessible, I'm afraid that it won't be as special but I'm sure I'll get over it pretty quickly! I think I'll be visiting my sister a lot more often now ;-)

Here are a few more pics to celebrate this awesome news!

I love the boxes that the macarons come in. I keep them to store little knickknacks and they always remind me of my trips to Paris :) Btw, look at how shiny and pretty the macarons are...I need more practice!

I was so tempted to buy that cake in the window! (left); I want one of these macarons tower for my birthday (right)
My very first box of macarons!
My favorite macaron at Laduree is the orange blossom (left); They always have the most beautiful window displays (right)


  1. Wow I can picture your face right now!!

  2. 'Obsessed' is the right word for you. haha

  3. That's exciting! Laudree just opened a full on cafe in covent garden here serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in addition to all the desserts.It's soo nice.

  4. My friend and I were just talking about wanting all these sweet French treats in honor of Bastille Day. And now you post them all in one place! :) Lovely place, for sure!

  5. @James: yes but you benefit from my obsession with them ;)

    @Kelly: That's awesome! Covent Garden is such a lovely place already and even better now with Laduree. How exciting!

    @Hannah: hehe what a coincidence! :)

  6. Their website is so cute :D