Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Friday!

We have a birthday potluck at work today and I'm bringing chocolate and raspberry macarons. I can't wait to taste all the goodies :) Happy weekend everyone!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Elegant Wedding Macarons

I wanted to make something special for our one year anniversary and thought that a mini macaron wedding cake would be really cute. I was so excited when I came up with the idea. I couldn't wait to make it and take photos of it! :) The sugar pearls and pearl dust make the macarons look very elegant. I love it so much! 

The top macaron is only about 1 inch in diameter and the bottom is 2.5 inches so this little cake is tiny! I filled them with an orange Grand Marnier ganache since our wedding cake was also an orange Grand Marnier cake. It's so cute that I couldn't eat it yet. It's still sitting in my freezer right now lol. Good thing I made extra macarons without the pearls so that James and I can enjoy them :)

Btw, the tiny rose is made out of clay. I bought a small bouquet of them years ago at a flower show. Maybe one day I can try to make sugar flowers! 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Anniversary Bouquet

James surprised me with this gorgeous bouquet for our anniversary. It is extra special because it has all the flowers that I picked for my wedding bouquet. I am so impressed that he remembered their names! The flowers are breathtakingly beautiful and they smell so wonderful. I have the best husband ever 

The peonies bloomed more the next day :)

Love Story

The Public Garden is a really special place for us. James and I love it there. We used to go there a lot when we were in high school. That's why we took our wedding pictures there last year. On our anniversary, we stopped by the garden before dinner and saw this magical scene. Romeo* and Juliet, Boston's famous swans, were tending to their nest. It was beautiful to watch them. They've been a couple for over 10 years! I love the fact that swans do tend to mate for life. That's really special.

*Read some interesting facts about our swan couple here and here. Romeo has a not-so-secret secret :)

Happy One Year to us!

This guy made me smile. He was standing there like that for a while. He looked right at me when I approached him. I guess he was ready for his picture (just like these guys).

I really love our Public Garden. Do you have a favorite spot in your city?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First Anniversary

I can't believe this past Sunday was our one year wedding anniversary. The year flew by! One of the things we did to celebrate was eating the top tier of our wedding cake that has been in the freezer this whole time. I love fun wedding traditions so this was a must! (You can read more about this tradition here.)

Eating a one year old cake sounds scary but James and I couldn't believe how good our cake still tasted! The cake was moist and the flavors were still there. One bite and it brought us right back to our wedding day.

We had a wonderful time reminiscing our special day. I have more photos to share of our simple celebration so please excuse all the lovey dovey posts this week :)

Did you save your wedding cake? How did it taste?