Monday, August 22, 2011


I bought this mooncake because the imprint is so clear and pretty. I love the Chinese characters on it.
Whenever August comes around, I can't wait to go and buy mooncakes. They're sold year-round but are mostly eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival or August Moon Festival (read more about it here). I love the intricate designs on them. They are served in little wedges and best when accompanied with a cup of hot tea. It's a simple celebration that I look forward to every year :)

My favorite filling is the lotus seed paste. Also, can you believe how thin that beautiful crust is? It's so delicate.
These mooncakes were from a Bakery in San Francisco. They were freshly baked and still warm when we bought them. Definitely one of the best mooncakes I've ever had!
Mooncakes are also given as gifts for many celebrations. These were two of the many mooncakes that James' mom gave to my family at our engagement party.

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