Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fancy Dinner

My amazing appetizer: Maine crab ravioli with rock crab, thyme, and tomato broth. So rich and delicate at the same time.
James and I celebrated our 13th anniversary this past weekend. We had dinner at Mistral and it was so good! My sister have recommended this restaurant for many years now. I don't know why we haven't gone sooner. Everything was just delicious. We were too full to have dessert (so sad!) but it was okay...I made chocolate chip cookies later that night :) Happy Anniversary to us!

P.S. I totally forgot to take pics of the entrees hehe

(left) Yay to 13 years! ♥; (right) James' appetizer: Riccota gnocchi with Maine lobster, sweet corn, and black summer truffle...the gnocchi just melts in your mouth...


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Food does look delicious... nom nom nom. Love the late night chocolate chip cookies too :P <3

  2. Thanks Erin! There was no way I wasn't going to have dessert for a celebration hehe ;)

  3. I loved my appetizer + my juicy steak. It was so yummy.What a wonderful experience.

  4. Lets go again! hehe My appetizer was so good! :)