Monday, September 19, 2011

Fun with Nature

This little guy was just hanging out getting some sun :)
I had such a fun weekend with James and my family! The weather was absolutely perfect. We did an easy hike on Saturday and went kayaking the next morning. It's nice to get away from the city once in a while and enjoy nature :)

(Left) Cute mushroom with beautiful fall leaves and pinecones; (Right) Wild grapes we found on the trail!

Another cute mushroom. I love all the different textures of this picture.

My little bro having some fun while we stopped to have lunch

Yeah, this is the life :)


  1. hehe. I like the chipmunk. I can't believe you caught that. It ran so fast.

  2. Wow, what cool things you discovered - how cute is that little chipmunk(?), i've never seen one in real life... i'm obssesed with squirrels in London - ahhh nature!

  3. @james: He was there for a while...he only ran when he saw you :P

    @leah: They are so cute and super fast! This is the first time I got a decent picture of one :)

  4. Cute chipmunk :P It sounds a lovely day :) I have never been kayaking - you are brave!

  5. @erin: no bravery required hehe...kayaking is pretty relaxing actually. Is there a place to kayak in London?