Monday, October 24, 2011

Past Peak

James and I finally had the time to drive up to Franconia Notch yesterday. We were a bit late for the best leaf-viewing but we still saw beautiful sights and had a great time during the long drive. Here are some of the pics from our little trip :)

Such a beautiful scenic drive
We stopped by here for some yummy pancakes. It's so quaint and cute in there.
left: pretty maple leaves; right: James and his late breakfast
My oatmeal buttermilk waffle with coconut. It was so good with the pure maple syrup.
How dreamy is this view with the horse?

James bought this super moist pumpkin whoopie pie for us to eat on the ride home. It was so good...not too sweet with the best pumpkin spice flavor. It was the perfect way to end our little fall outing.


  1. We'll go earlier next year. hehe

  2. Oh my goodness Polly's Pancake Parlour looks TOO CUTE. Looks like mega noms that day!

  3. I wish I could try more of their pancakes hehe

  4. Omg one of my favorite post! I can feel the beautiful fall weather through your pics!!! Loveeee <3

  5. o0o0o the breakfast looks sooo good! p.s. James got slim! getting ready for the wedding, i see!

  6. @devon: the air was so fresh! i love it!
    @bee: it was gewd! James will be happy about your comment hehe