Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mini Wedding Cakes

I was so excited to make these mini-tiered cakes to give as favors for my bridal shower. I bought this pan a while ago and this was the first time I've used it. It was perfect for the occasion.

I used the cake and glaze recipes that came with the pan and they worked really well. I also made a thicker icing to pipe the decorations. The pink sugar pearls were the finishing touches. I love how cute they are!

I loved my friends' reactions when they received them. I have such wonderful friends and this is the least I can do to thank them for sharing this special time with me :)

I treated these cakes like they were real wedding cakes lol. I was taking pictures of all the angles and bringing in different props. I couldn't help it!

How else would you serve a mini wedding cake? :) This picture is for my friends. I was joking with them that this is how they should eat it! It wasn't bad actually! Bite-sized pieces of cake were pretty yummy and easy to eat hehe.

I really liked the cake. I didn't think I would like the sugar glaze but it added a nice thin layer of sweetness. I can't wait to use this pan again with different cake recipes :)


  1. omg that is soo pretty and sooo cute!!!!:) Love it!!!! You are such a sweet friend for making these.


    1. Thanks Cinz! Sweet treats for sweet friends :) It's a fair trade off lol

    2. Fair indeed! I wouldn't mind a sweet friend and sweet treats or is that too greedy?hehehe