Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Nara, like many places in Japan, is very magical. As we walked around, I can't help but feel like we were in a mythical place. Walkways are lined with hundreds of moss-covered lantern structures. The temple and shrines are grand yet understated. Friendly deers roam freely around the city. They are loved by the locals because they are believed to be messengers to the gods. It is definitely one of my favorite places in Japan. 

I was in awe as we approached Todaiji. It is beautiful and serene. I especially love the golden horns on the rooftop. 

The deers are used to people petting and feeding them. This one followed me for a while :)
Large ornaments on the temple's door.

Todaiji's main hall is the largest wooden building in the world. (This picture is the view of the ceiling.)

(left) One of Japan's largest bronze statues of Buddha (Daibutsu) sits in Todaiji's main hall; 
(right) Lantern structures outside of Kasuga Taisha.

I felt like I was transported to a different magical. 
Hanging lanterns' silhouettes
(left) Taking a small break from all the walking; (right) Deers going shopping ;)

Fierce rooftop

So cute!
It's customary to wash your hands before entering temples in Japan. It symbolizes purification. 
(left) Hanging lanterns at Kasuga Taisha; 
(right) James taking a small break. Btw, can you see the bamboos growing out of this tree? Cool, huh?

Too cute!
More cute signs :)


  1. That's awesome. You should be our tour guide when we go to Japan.

  2. Wow, i've not heard of Nara before but i agree, it looks like a magical place and i dont blame you for feeling like you got transported toa nother time, lol. It's like a scene you would see from the movie "geisha", hehe...

    I LOVE the deers!! they're so cute! I didn't know they are known to be messengers to god in Japan:) We learn something new each day eh? lol


    1. I like watching the geisha movie to see all the beautiful sceneries in Japan :)