Friday, July 26, 2013

Playing Dress Up

I love traditional Asian outfits and one of my favorites has to be the kimono. I've always wanted to wear one and was excited when my friends recommended Okamoto, a kimono rental shop, in Kyoto. There were numerous kimonos, obi, hair accessories, etc. to choose from. I went with Plan 3 which gave me the most selection. It costs around $60 to rent it for the day and getting my hair done was only an extra $5! I really love the whole process. It was interesting to see the amount of work that goes into wearing a kimono. It was beautiful to watch how they put the kimono on me layer by layer. There were many layers and each had to be folded and tied in different ways. It really is an art in itself. 

Btw, I love that my obi has the same pattern as the bottom layer of our wedding cake! I may or may not have chosen it because of this reason ;)

James was my photographer for the day and he did an amazing job! I'm usually the one behind the lens so it was strange to be in front of the camera for that long. It was a nice treat though :) Kyoto is beautiful and so picturesque. I'm happy to have these fun photos to remember our wonderful time there.


  1. look sooo kawaii!!! i didnt know what an obi was but then i clicked onto the link that led me to your wedding cake and it all makes sense now, the obi too!!! the colors and print of the kimono is sooo beautiful too:D

    I heard Kyoto is beautiful and very culurally oriented. When did you go with James? I've still not been to Japan, believe it or not!I've wanted to go since i was 15,lol


    1. Thank you so much! It was fun wearing the kimono. There were a lot of choices to pick from many patterns and colors...wish I can try them all hehe. The funny thing was other tourists were taking pics of me in the kimono...they didn't know I was just a tourist playing dress lol

      You have to go!!! Japan especially Kyoto is my favorite place ever! They really do preserve their culture well there. Everything is so intricate and beautiful. We went there last November...time pass by so fast!