Friday, April 22, 2011

Fancy food shopping

Looking at this picture makes me want to run out and get a cupcake asap! This was taken at Harrods in London; one of the most beautiful department stores I've ever visited.
They have the most amazing food halls. Everything is displayed so beautifully. I love browsing around and seeing all the goodies. Can you imagine doing your food shopping here? 
I couldn't resist taking another picture of these cupcakes. I love all the fun colors and cute toppings.
Who knew whoopie pies are so popular in London? They're definitely more fancy than the ones here. Anyways, hope you enjoyed this little visit to Harrods. Happy Friday!


  1. Wow. really impressed you went to harrod's and there weren't 1000 people in the food hall! anytime of year i go it's crazy in there! their whoopie pies are beautiful looking but sadly a little lacking in the taste department.

  2. Oh really? That's too bad! They look so pretty. At least now I don't regret not buying one lol. We went right when the store opened so no one was there! Btw, thanks for joining my blog :)