Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Madness

I love how the London Eye peeks out in this photo :)
Today is all about the Royal Wedding. A lot of people don't understand what all the fuss is about but I absolutely love it. When can you ever see the wedding of a real prince and princess? (She's not technically a princess but close enough!) I love celebrations. I'm also especially excited about this wedding because I'm planning my own wedding for next year :) I couldn't wait to see her dress and it definitely did not disappoint! She looked beautiful. The dress is so glamorous and classy. I'm sure it'll be a popular style for many future brides out there. It was a beautiful wedding and I want to wish both of them a lifetime full of happiness. With that, I would like to share some of my favorite pictures from my day trip to London last year.

The sun came out just in time for the picture on the left. It made the iconic red phone booth extra bright and having Big Ben in the background is definitely a plus. That's me on the right. I couldn't resist! I love those fun hats that the ladies in England get to wear. One of these days I'll have to host an afternoon tea where these hats will be mandatory! :)

The gates outside of Buckingham Palace. I love all the little details of the Royal Coat of Arms.

Palace Guards
London's metro station.

A different view of Big Ben (left). Another guard I saw while roaming the streets of London (right).

This lamp post is so pretty. The London Eye looks so small at this angle.

Trafalgar Square
Hope you enjoyed these photos. I need to visit London again. A day trip was such a tease! There's so much more to see and do (and I need to buy a hat for my future tea party!). Anyways, please come by Sowa and say hello if you are in Boston this Sunday. Have a happy weekend everyone!


  1. Beautiful London photos!! Postbox one defs my favourite :) Come back! The hat looks great!

    I have been watching the wedding coverage on television all day (eating scones and jam :))!! I am glad you agree about the dress, Kate looked so so beautiful and they looked so happy :)


  2. Thanks Erin! I would love to come back and have afternoon tea everyday! Scones and jam sounds wonderful...perfect way to watch the wedding :) Her party dress and the wedding cake were amazing too!