Monday, April 18, 2011

Trophy Cupcakes

I want to share these pictures of Trophy Cupcakes from my trip to Seattle last year. Everything about it is so charming...the decor, color scheme, displays, and of course the cupcakes! 
I was newly engaged and seeing this made me smile. How cute would it be to have this at a wedding?
It was so hard to pick just a few cupcakes. The one on the left is the chocolate graham cracker cupcake made famous by Martha Stewart. It's a valrhona chocolate cake with a bittersweet chocolate graham cracker crust topped with toasted marshmallow. I love how pretty the toasted marshmallow swirl is. It was good but the winner for me was the Tiger Tail (pictured right). It's a coconut cake with a raspberry buttercream rolled in coconut flakes and drizzled with raspberry sauce. It's such a delicious combination. I love this cupcake. It's definitely one of my favorites. Too bad it's so far away! James had a red velvet cupcake but said that the one I make is better (what a sweetheart! hehe).
I wanted to try so many other flavors like these Neopolitan ones. Aren't they pretty? I'll just have to save them for my next visit :)


  1. Love your posts. I can't wait for our next visit. tehehe...

  2. Thanks honey! we make a good traveling pair :)