Monday, May 16, 2011

Cool beavers

James and I saw these cute graffiti while we were walking around Baltimore. There were so many different beavers or at least that's what I think they are! Graffiti are so intriguing to me. Some of the artworks are just so cool! I've always wondered how long it took the artists to paint these things or how they managed to paint so high up. The scale of some of these works are truly amazing. I had a better idea of how it's done after watching Exit Through the Gift Shop; a really entertaining documentary about graffiti artists.

On the other hand, I would hate to be the owners of these buildings. It must be a pain to have your property vandalized and have to spend the money to get them removed. I'm just glad I'm not them and that I get to enjoy these street arts!


  1. I do not see how anyone could be angry at graffiti that is that cute!!! They look like that game where you whack the heads with a mallet!

  2. Gotta leave it to the beaver

  3. This just made my heart happy. :) Why don't we have any seriously awesome graffiti in our area. People just take to scribbling out area code everywhere....LAME.

  4. So glad you guys enjoyed these photos! :)