Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Edible Works of Art

They're each like a little piece of art. I love the tiny macaron shells surrounding the strawberry desserts :)
For me, the best part about Galeries Lafayette is their gourmet food store known as Lafayette Gourmet. There are tasting bars if you need a bite of food after all the shopping, pastry counters for a sweet treat, and deli counters and groceries if you want to pick up a few things for a picnic. It's also a great place to buy food gifts to bring home if you didn't have a lot of time to shop around. We bought jars of mustard, bags of fleur de sel, teas, and candies when we were there :)

Mini chocolate bars that come in every color of the rainbow
All of these desserts were from Sadaharu Aoki's counter in Lafayette Gourmet. He is a famous Japanese pastry chef and his creations are not only beautiful to look at; they taste amazing as well. I love that he combines Japanese flavors like matcha, yuzu, and sesame with classic French pastries. If only I can get my hands on one right now! Oh Paree, I miss you...

Spun sugar with slices of candied pretty. 

Chocolate-covered macarons!
Which one would you pick?