Friday, March 16, 2012


This exquisite golden gate is a replica of the original that was demolished during the French Revolution. It is 87-yard-long and is decorated with 100,000 gold leaves!
For me, a trip to Paris isn't complete without a visit to Versailles. Marie Antoinette always comes to my mind when I think of France and its history. It's amazing that we're still able to see and experience such an important place today. Everything about the palace is just so breathtaking. I loved walking around and imagining how they once lived. The Palace of Versailles is full of luxury, grandeur, and extravagance.

The original courtyard of the palace.
They're doing a wonderful job of restoring the palace. I can't imagine all the detail work!
(left) The Royal Chapel; (right) It's hard to believe that this is a stone statue. His clothing have so much movement to it that it looks soft.

No spot is left unadorned.

Looking up at the ceiling.
The famous Hall of Mirrors.

The King's Chamber

(left) Gorgeous details of the Queen's Bedroom; (right) Beautiful ceiling painting

I love the ring patterns of these wooden "tiles" outside of the palace.

I can't get over how beautiful and grand the palace gardens are. There are fountains and statues everywhere.

The Musical Fountains Show is only available on certain dates and times. Check their website first before going :)
(left) Another view of the gate. It glimmers so beautifully in the sunlight; (right) There's a Laduree on site. Btw, Laduree supplied all the desserts for the movie "Marie Antoinette" (I love the costumes and set of this movie!)

These topiaries are so cute!
Outside of the pink marble Grand Trianon

Marie Antoinette's Hamlet. She retreated here to get away from the palace. It's one of my favorite place on the estate. It's so charming and rustic and is quite refreshing after seeing so much extravagance.

Pretty hydrangeas outside of her farm
(left) Painting of Marie Antoinette; (right) Wooden spiral stairwell outside of her cottage

Another view of her Hamlet. It's so peaceful there. You get a different sense of who she really was as a person. I think Marie Antoinette was very misunderstood and it ultimately lead to her tragic demise.
Beautiful wisteria outside of her cottage

I love how each statue has their own concave hedge.
How perfect are these rectangular hedges?

More beautiful hedges
I hope you enjoyed these photos! Happy Friday! :)


  1. OMG this is a jaw dropping place! You're so lucky you had a chance to visit. I look at the Hall of Mirrors and it makes me want to examine every single inch of those walls and the ceiling. Everything sure is fit for a Queen!

    1. It really is such an amazing place. We brought a pair of binoculars with us just so we can see all the details on the ceilings and stuff :)

  2. Replies
    1. They did so much renovations compared to the first time we went. We must go again!

  3. wow, gorgeous photos!!!! Now i regret not paying a visit to Versailles!!! This definitely calls for a trip back to good old FRANCE!!!=D

    I love those grass look alike maze and the mini trees remind me of Hershey mini chocolate cones, hahahaha....and omg,the macaron tower looks so beautiful and yummy!!!!


    1. There's always a reason to go back to France hehe...I would go just for the pastries alone! lol

      I was so obsessed with all the grass and hedges hehe