Friday, March 22, 2013

Macaron Craze

My love for macarons started back in 2007 when James and I visited Paris for the first time. I was hooked after one bite of a Laduree macaron. I have never seen a cookie that was so pretty and tasted so good. I was obsessed but it was hard to find a bakery that sells them back home. They weren't really well known back then. That was why I had to learn how to make them myself. If you follow this blog, you already know how often I make them :) Nowadays, macarons are everywhere! They've become super popular and I really love all the macaron-related things that I've been able to buy lately. Here are some of the lovely items. There are more but I'll have to share them at another time. I really am obsessed! :)

I saw these trinkets on Bakerella's post last fall and had to get them! There were a few other colors but I really like these three colors (pink, yellow, and green) together. They were the theme colors for my engagement party and I also made macarons in this same color combination before too! These trinkets are perfect for storing my jewelry.

Btw, you can enter for a chance to win a raspberry macaron trinket here!

This charm with 3 tiny macarons was from Swarovski. I love the sparkly crystals. Too cute!

During our honeymoon, James and I stopped by Laduree in Ginza, Japan where I found all of these goodies. As you know, this collaboration was almost too much for me to handle. (I wrote about it here and here.) Two of my favorite things...together! I hope they will do it again in the future.

The sticky note set (on the left) is part of my macaron giveaway so you can read more about it here. I bought it at Paper Source and right now they have a whole macaron collection at their store! Go check it out! The little note set on the right was purchased in Tokyo. They love macarons over there as well :)

 I bought these cute kitchen towels at Sur la Table. I love the macaron tower on the right one!

Lastly, here's a towel that I bought at Forever 21 when they also had a collaboration with Hello Kitty. She's wearing a huge puffy skirt made out of macarons and there's a macaron on her hat too :)

Have you come across any cute macaron goodies? I would love to know! And don't forget to enter in my Macaron Giveaway if you haven't already! Happy weekend!


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    1. OMG Jen!!! You really made my day! I'm a big fan of your blog and artwork esp. the wedding love prints. I found your blog when I saw your wedding on Yvonne's photography blog and loved all of your diy details. They were so sweet and beautiful. Thank you so much for commenting! I still can't believe it! :)

  2. I lovee that Swarovski necklace!!! When did you buy it?!?!? I've never seen it in their shops or maybe HK dont carry it:( Those Hello Kitty X Laduree stationary are too cute!?!?! Do you even use them!!? I think i wouldn't be able to use it cuz its sooo darn cute! lol So far i've not come across any macaron goodies but i know for sure i'll think of you and let you know when i do;-)

    Btw, it's really sweet of Jen of MadeByGirl to comment here!! I was so excited to0 when she commented on my blog, lol. Her art work is AMAZING!!!! =D So i understand your excitement, hehe


    1. I bought the Swarovski charm this past December. Weird that they didn't have it in HK :( I really don't know if I'll be able to use all of these cute stationary that I buy. They're just too cute to use for everyday things. I feel like I should only use them for special occasion lol. Happy that you know what I mean! hehe

      Yes! Jen is amazing! I'm so happy that she commented. I'm not surprised that she commented on your blog though...your blog is so lovely :)