Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hello Kitty Laduree Notebook

Remember when my sister bought me all of those wonderful Hello Kitty stuff at Laduree? Well, this is what was in the fancy green pillow box. The notebook is so pretty. It even came with a sweet little bookmark. I don't know if I have the heart to use it because it's so cute. I think I'll just keep it in its pristine condition until I can find something worthy enough to write in it ;) Here are some more photos of this lovely notebook:

I love all of the Hello Kittys peaking out from behind the macarons :)

I love this illustration so much! Wished they made a notebook with this as the cover too!

Hello Kitty is sitting with a macaron on the corner of every page :)

The last page and the cute!


  1. omg,the note book is soo cute! i totally understand how if you have the heart to use the notebook!i got that problem all the time as i tend to buy or get gifted nice note books, hehe...

    The book mark is cute too!! Really like the Green Laduree packaging!!!


    1. Laduree really have the best elegant and girly. I really need to start using all these cute stuff I buy lol