Friday, August 9, 2013

Pretty Cake

Just wanted to pop in and share this fun birthday cake I made last week :) It's a rich devil's food cake topped with chocolate ganache and raspberry macarons. I love that each serving has it's own macaron! 

Btw, these pictures were taken with my iPhone after a late night of baking so the lighting isn't ideal...hehe


  1. oh drooling!just the sound of chocolate ganache and raspberry is making me go crazy,lol

    I love that idea too where each person gets a slice of cake with their own macaron!:D

    Hope you're doing well, Phuong!!!


    1. Thanks Cinz! James and I are renovating our new place so we've been crazy busy lately. It'll probably be another month until we can officially move in and I can blog more regularly again. I miss chatting with you! I have so much to catch up on from your blog!

    2. and James got a place?!!?!? That's suchhhhhhhhhhh exciting news!!! Super happy for you guys!!!:D Congrats on your first new home together:D

      Can't wait to see you back in action with blogging more frequently, but instagram will do for now,hehe

      Have a fab weekend darling!!!


    3. yes, i've missed chatting with you too!!! Been a while since i heard from you so wondered where you went and now i know, lol... take care and all the best with the move!