Sunday, September 1, 2013

Minion Macarons

Minions! I had the pleasure of making these cuties for a special birthday last week :) 

I piped small circles of macaron batter for the eyeballs once the macaron rounds have set. It gives it a nice raised texture once they are baked. I painted the outer edges with edible Pearl Dust mixed with a little lemon extract and filled them in with white chocolate. I then dotted each eyeball with milk chocolate. I drew the rest of the details with edible marker :)

The minions have such fun personalities. I had fun drawing all the different expressions :)

The birthday girl loved her minion macarons so I was very happy!


  1. Holy moly!?!?!?!? You seriously made those?!!'re too good!!!!!!!!! And they look soooooooooooooo CUTE!!!! i already had problems making macarons on my first attempt where my friend took me to a macaron making class for my bday last year and i failed terribly! Can't imagine making these,lol

    I've not seen this cartoon yet but it's advertised everywhere in HK, seen it?