Friday, May 11, 2012

Love's In The Air

I am so excited to share our engagement photos! We had such a fun time taking them all thanks to our wonderful photographer Ned :) As you know, photos are extremely important to me. The first thing I did after we got engaged was to look for a photographer. The search was quite daunting. I must have looked at a hundred websites before I found Ned's. Once I saw his blog, I knew. His photos are so natural and simply beautiful. He captures all the joys and emotions of the day and it makes me feel like I was there. I contacted him at the end of 2010 and meeting him was truly icing on the cake. He is so nice! We met up again last month (I can't believe it has been over a year!) at the Boston Public Library to do our engagement session. Ned did an amazing job (Thank you!!!). Here are some of my favorites. (Please excuse all the lovey-doviness ahead hehe.)

James and I love this library. We went there all the time during high school :)

I love the green lamps and architecture of this room.

Proposal spot ♥


  1. You are such a beautiful couple and are so meant to be together! :) Congats!!!

  2. omg!!!!!!! these are such lovely and sweet photos! You are right, Ned is absolutely a genius for capturing those natural happy shots:)You guys look sooo truly happy and content! Love the last b/w shot.

    I love the one of you guys with the green lamps. I must say, i was so touched when i read the part where you and James both used to go to that library in high school. It's so amazing how you guys have come such a long way and gone thru so much! It's an inspiration for believing in true love indeed!:D


    1. Awww thank you so much Cinz! It's been a long road and we're looking forward to this next stage in our lives :)

  3. You look v. beautiful :) And so happy! <3