Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

This is my recent happy purchase :) It's a Hello Kitty Compact Mirror with cute drawings of Paris all over it. Isn't it so sweet? I love all the little details like the Paris Metro sign, the bicycle with a basket full of baguettes, the Eiffel Tower, and of course the signature pink bow.

There's even a stack of macarons and part of the Notre Dame on the back! Seems like Hello Kitty is really loving Paris lately. It's perfect because I love both so much ♥


  1. omg, that is sooo cute Phuong!!! It is toooooo cute to not buy:D And i agree, like how the mapping is like the Paris metro design,lol....cute eiffel tower and macarons!

    My friend got me a cute hello kitty coin purse when she went to Japan. Thought you might wanna see how it likes like:) it posted about it on my blog in the past and the link is below.


    1. That purse is so sweet! I just left my comments on the post :) Thanks for sharing hehe. A lot of the Hello Kitty stuff are cute but not very useful and are too kiddy so I love it when I can find ones that I can actually use!