Friday, May 4, 2012

Japanese Spring Festival

I participated in Boston's First Japanese Spring Festival this past Sunday at Copley Square. It was so much fun! The event was very successful. There was a huge turnout with a lot more people than the organizers had anticipated. All of the yummy foods were sold out by 1 PM! Lucky for me, James was able to stand in the long lines to get me mochi and Japanese pancakes :)  The only thing I managed to buy at the end of the event were these small boxes of candies. I bought them because of the cute illustrations on the boxes but the candies were quite good. They were sweet citrusy jelly/gummy candies covered with a thin layer of edible rice paper.

This was the only picture we took right after setting up because it was so busy. There are more pictures here from our local newspaper's website. (Btw, you can see James' tiny head on the far right on page 6 of the article hehe.) I had a great time talking to people who love Japan as much as I do. I am so happy to have the chance to share my photos of Japan and to raise money for a great charity. I hope this festival will become a tradition in Boston!

Here's a picture of my mock setup from the night before. Too bad it didn't end up looking like this because of the strong winds. All of the frames and photos had to stay flat on the table lol.


  1. Wow, a festival for Japan?!!? Too good to be true!!!:D Lucky you.

    I love your set up, it's soooo pretty!!! The photos and photo frames are oh so lovely! I especailly love the one with the Japanese girls in kimono. Good to hear James was patient enough to que for the mochi and pancakes. Those are soo good though, aren't they?hehehe

    I'm glad to hear you did this! and for such a good cause too!!! Hope they will do this Spring event again next year!

    And how pretty are those candy packaing!!!?!!??!

    Have a great weekend dear!!!


    1. Thanks Cinz! The Japanese girls in kimonos are my favorite too. It's one of those happy photos that just make me smile :) They're actually small kokeshi doll erasers that I bought and the umbrella is the ones that come with cocktail drinks so they're quite small in size (which only ups the cuteness factor!).

      Have a wonderful weekend too Cinz!

    2. omg....those umbrellas are from the cocktail drinks?!?!? Totally didn't think of that but that shows how small those kokeshi dolls are! and i can't even tell they're erasers! I wouldn't have the heart to use them tho...hehehe

      Hope you're off to a good week so far=)


    3. hehe they're tiny! I don't have the heart to use them either! I buy so many things that I end up not using cause they're too cute. I might have to open a museum of cute things one day lol