Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Autumn

Did you know that this past Saturday was the first day of fall? We happened to go apple-picking that day so it was the perfect way to kick off my favorite season :)

We went for our favorite apples. They're the best apples ever!

Filling our tummies and bags with Honeycrisp apples :)

Love the white and blush-colored pumpkins they have this year

Parlee Farms is one of our favorite places to go for apple-picking. The staff are friendly and their apples are delicious!

Fresh apple cider donuts

They're so cute!

Dusted with cinnamon sugar and ready to be enjoyed. So fluffy and yummy!

As always, we ended our apple-picking day by baking and eating an apple pie for dessert :)


  1. Those apples were so delicious :)

  2. Amazing day!! I love Apple Pie I am v. jealous :) But Mum and I had hot apple cider yesterday yay! The pumpkin patch picture looks like it should be in Peanuts with Linus :) <3

    1. I love hot apple cider! It was too warm for it here...can't wait for it to get a bit cooler :)