Friday, September 21, 2012

Elegant Lanterns

I love the beautiful curves and spikes of the iron work. 
I first fell in love with these wrought-iron lanterns when I saw a line drawing of them on my library card as a child. When I was old enough to go to Copley on my own (around middle school), I was absolutely giddy when I saw them in-person at the Boston Public Library. All those years, these lanterns were just a simple drawing to me. I didn't realize they actually existed. When I saw them, I kept on thinking "Oh my goodness! Those are the lanterns on my library card! They're real!". It was a special moment for me. So whenever I see these beautiful lanterns, I always think of my library card and can't help but feel happy :)

My beloved library card. I don't have my first one but this one is at least 13 years old! (I'm such a hoarder lol)

Another look at these lanterns from our engagement shoot


  1. Those are beautiful! They make me think of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe :) <3
    p.s. yay hoarding!

    1. I read that book so long ago! Sadly, I don't remember much about it. I should read it again one of these days :)

  2. funny, my brother and i were just discussing about why the hours for a bpl opens later mon-thurs, rather than fri-sun :)

    maybe growing up as a short kid, never noticed the lanterns...only the gigantic doors. will look up the next time i pass by. cool pix !

    1. Yes, take a look next time. They're gorgeous! :)

      I've always wondered about their hours too! They're closed on Sundays and that was when I always needed to go back then lol