Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dinner Date

Can never say no to their tasty bread with hummus and whipped butter spreads :)
James and I celebrated our dating anniversary this past weekend. Time passes by so quickly. We've been together for 14 years already! Crazy, huh? We went to Mistral, one of our favorite restaurants, for dinner. The food is always delicious. We had a great time talking and enjoying our wonderful meal together. Not much can be better than good food and good company :)

Amazing thin crust pizza with beef tenderloin, mashed potato & white truffle oil

(left) My handsome date; (right) James' entrée: Grilled tenderloin of beef, bordelaise style, olive oil roasted asparagus & horseradish whipped potato

My absolute favorite: Maine crab ravioli with rock crab, thyme, and tomato broth. (We went here last year too but I had a better camera with me this time :)


  1. lookin good James!

    awesome pix Phuong! *drool*

  2. Very good food. Nice pics wifey! Thanks Al :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love dinner dates and your's looked a tasty one :D I like the look of your ravioli, I love shellfish (which always makes me feel guilty because of the Little Mermaid). Thank you for your lovely comments :) It made my morning :D I have missed so much though - you could not have been more busy whilst I was away! <3

    1. Thanks Erin! lol @ Little Mermaid! Staying busy keeps my creativity going hehe