Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wedding Flowers

Today I want to share pictures of the amazing flowers that Dana did for our wedding. You've seen glimpses of it here and there but they were so beautiful and deserve their own close-ups. I can't thank Dana enough for her wonderful work. Everything was so gorgeous!

I love how rich and vibrant the colors of my traditional dress and bouquet are in this picture :) Picking the flowers for my bouquet was very easy. I love peonies, garden roses, spray roses, and cymbidium orchids so they were a must. Dana also added white hydrangeas to make it look nice and full. As for the boutonnieres, I wanted them to be small and simple to have a clean and elegant look. James' boutonniere had a mini blush pink cymbidium orchid and two pink spray roses. Dana added a nice touch to each of the boutonnieres with ribbons, pearl pins, and small greeneries.

(left) Best Man's boutonniere: mini white cymbidium orchid; 
(right) Boutonnieres for our parents and brothers: mini dark pink cymbidium orchids

My sister's Maid of Honor's bouquet was lovely as well. I love the soft romantic colors. Her bouquet had mini white cymbidium orchids, pink spray roses, cream roses, pink lisianthus, and white hydrangeas. It would make a beautiful bridal bouquet too if you like lighter color flowers. 

Our pretty centerpieces (pictured right & below) had cream roses, pink roses, and pink spray roses. I kept them really simple because I know they will not stay on the table for too long. We had a traditional 10-course banquet (not including desserts!) and the centerpieces are removed at the start of the reception to make room for the food :)

I really love our wedding flowers and I hope you enjoyed these photos! ♥


  1. omg....these photos look absolutely breath taking!!!!!!!!!! And yeahhh!!!! you're back on the blog! I was wondering when you would be back, i got lots to catch up here:)

    These flowers look gorgeous, love the white and pink contrast. and your chinese wedding gown is sooo pretty!!! can't wait to see the rest of the pics from your wedding,hehe

    Take care dear and so nice to see you back:D


    1. Cinz! Yes I'm back and I've missed you! I have a lot to catch up to :)

  2. You're centre pieces are utterly beautiful :) The picture of you and your sister is adorable too! <3