Monday, January 17, 2011

Sweet Mountains

I had the pleasure of visiting Eat Cake! in Newburyport, MA this past fall to do a write-up for one of my favorite blogs. I love this picture because there's something so majestic about it. These cupcakes look like snow-covered mountain ranges with their pointy tops and white sprinkles. Their slight reflections on the baking sheet remind me of reflections on the waters. Just so pretty to look at...


  1. So many things I have to day about this! First of all how lucky are you to meet both of them??!! Such a sweet little blog this is becoming:). Love the article and I am super jealous you got to to be Cake's Spy's Gumshoe Phuong!!

  2. Thanks miss! I was so excited to meet them :) I love being a gumshoe hehe