Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sweet Meeting

Here are the pictures from Jessie's Tour de Sweet stop in Boston. I made it out Monday night and managed to snatch the LAST copy of the sweetest book ever! I was happy and felt quite lucky :) Sweet Cupcakes provided the perfect setting for the event. It was nice to chat with Jessie about her latest sweet adventures. She's just too cute for words! I couldn't wait to read through the book when I got home. It is filled with fun and easy recipes (S'moreos, anyone?) and tons of Jessie's cute little drawings. The writing, recipes, and drawings just make me giddy and happy. I love it! Get your own copy here!

That's Mr. CakeSpy. How cute are they?
Perfect little cupcakes. The toppers were totally edible and tasted great! I ate a little piece of art hehe.
(left) Picture with the awesome Jessie; (right) James enjoying his little cupcake

As promised on her blog, Jessie will sign and draw a cupcake, unicorn, and/or robot to every copy sold. I got the unicorn! Yay!
I was so happy that I got the last copy :)

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  1. What a fun evening! I cant' wait to see what all you cook up out of this book!