Friday, December 9, 2011

The Big City

One of Disco Bob's many visits to NYC with me :)
I'm in NYC for a few days to visit my sister. She'll be performing with her band, SHe, tonight at NYIT for a Cancer Benefit Event. I'm so excited!!! These ladies sound amazing and I can't wait to hear them sing live. I'm so proud of my sis ♥ Please come if you are around. It's for a great cause. Become a fan on youtube and facebook to get updates and to hear more of their music :) Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. Sounds fun Phuong! Have a good time! - Tam

  2. AWww...what a great cause and sweet you're voicing it out about your sis:)

    Btw, love your pic!Disco bob eh? sure i'll see him around a lot more now that i discovered your blog!

    Hope you had an awesome weekend!


  3. Thanks Tam! I had a great time :)

    @cinz: She is really amazing! and it's not just because she's my sis lol

    Disco Bob loves to travel with me so he makes his appearance here and there hehe