Friday, December 23, 2011


Look at all of the amazing details. Almost everything was made out of paper in this window display.
New York City is so amazing during the holidays. I always feel like I'm walking in a big Hollywood movie set decked out with Christmas lights and holiday cheers. Walking down 5th Ave is a must! I love the energy from the crowd. Everyone is there to enjoy a wonderful New York City Christmas. Our first stop was Bergdorf Goodman (most of these photos were taken from there). It's hard to believe that their window displays are even more spectacular than last year! Such a feast for the eyes :) Well, I hope you enjoy these photos and I wish you a wonderful holiday with all of your loved ones!  ♥

I feel like I'm lost in a fantasy world somewhere

Winter wonderland inside of Bergdorf Goodman

I was pretty much speechless looking at these windows. They're just too beautiful!

The pink flower cut-outs were so intricate. I love the silhouettes and pink lace curtain too. The curtain moved back and forth to reveal the displayed necklace.

This was my favorite window. I wonder if it has anything to do with the tea party full of beautiful cakes and desserts hehe.

Close-up of the cute animals attending the tea party

So glamorous!

This was Henri Bendel's window display. I love the New York City theme. Plus, her entire dress is made out of jelly beans!

My sis and I hanging out at Rockefeller Center :) The tree was enormous!

Love all the carts that were selling roasted chestnuts


  1. This looks so amazing!!! I hope to be in New York for Christmas the year after next. But wow!

  2. Oh, NYC is indeed beautiful, esp this time of year. Your sister and you look gorgeous!

  3. Wow! Amazing! Forget your sis. Just me and you next time. hehehe

  4. WOWwwwwwwwwwwww.....awestruck is the word!!! The Christmas vibe in New York is sooo lovely and warm!!! Wish i could witness NY during x'mas!

    I love the Window display of Bergdorf Goodman, definitely a feast to the eye (Great metaphor,lol).

    Anyhow, i wish you a very fab and merry Christmas with your loved ones!!! May it be filled with a lot of joy, fun, love, and of course, delish food! hehe

    Happy Holidays!!!=D


  5. @SamanthaJoy: That would be awesome! Let me know if you like any recommendations :)

    @Ju: Thanks Ju! My sister and I were so giddy as we got closer and closer to the tree hehe

    @James: Hey, that's not nice :P

    Thanks Cinz! :)