Monday, December 5, 2011

Looking like Christmas

My little Christmas tree...I love the tiny Santas hehe
We had so much fun putting up our Christmas tree this past weekend; singing Christmas songs as we put on the ornaments :) I also have a little tree in my room too! There's just something about looking at the twinkling lights that fills my heart with such a happy warm feeling (cheesy I know but it is what it is! lol). Did you put your Christmas tree up yet?

Our fancy Christmas tree


  1. I am feeling the Christmas spirits already!!! Love how you describe that you were listening to Christmas music while setting up the tree, sounds sooo cosy and warm,hehe..

    That is your little tree in your room? Wow, it looks so amazingly decorated!

    And the big fancy Christmas tree looks sooo lovely:) I just had my Christmas tree set up over the weekend, gosh was a lot of working as i had to tie all those darn strings to the ornaments! yeah, don't know why they don't come with hooks instead. I have a gold/silver theme this year and will post the photos soon, so stay tuned=D

    Early Merry Christmas!!!


  2. Thanks Cinz! The little tree in my room is barely 2 feet tall. It doesn't take much to decorate it lol. Hmmmm do they sell separate ornament hooks like these over there?

    I use them and it's a lot easier! Your tree sounds wonderful. Can wait to see it! :)