Monday, December 26, 2011

A Taste of Paris

I've been looking forward to going to Laduree ever since I heard that they were opening a store in NYC.  I love everything about Laduree; their macarons, their decor, their packaging...all are so well thought out. Everything is so elegant and classy.

My sister and I made our way there and there was quite a line even though it was almost closing time. The shop is just as charming as the ones in Paris. They also sell jams, chocolates, candles, and small souvenirs in addition to the macarons. Too bad they didn't open this one with a tea salon. Rumor has it that they will open one next spring in SoHo. That means that freshly-baked pastries will be available so lets keep our fingers crossed!

I didn't go crazy and buy the whole store now that I can make my own macarons :) I bought a box of eight with my favorite flavors: orange blossom, coconut, and vanilla. We also tried two new flavors: orange passion fruit and cinnamon raisin. The orange passion fruit was citrusy and bright. It was very good. I wasn't a fan of the cinnamon raisin one though. This flavor was made exclusively for New York and to me it just tasted like a cinnamon raisin bagel lol.

It's definitely a splurge at $2.70 a piece but then again you don't have to fly to Paris to get one. Now I will patiently wait for the tea salon to open next year :)


  1. Oh these have became almost #1 cookies on the planet :) I'm scared to bake my one macs since there are so many nuances in the recipe and proportions, but 2.70 for the piece is well..just stealing! :D

  2. They opened a proper cafe here in covent garden. I got the most awesome cake shaped like a strawberry during the summer!

  3. Thanks for bringing some home honey :D

  4. Truly elegant indulgence!! Happy New Year

  5. omg,macaron heaven!!!! if only they could open laduree in HK! And tea salon? Never knew it existed,lol but i really would love to buy a Laduree candle, they must smell nice:)

    I actually so wanna try the new flavor orange passion fruit and i still dream about your jasmine macarons,hehehee...I cant believe u know how to make them as i've heard they're quite hard to make! MY friend tried to make them and they went flat! lol

    Anyhow, wishing you a belated sweet and merry x'mas and all the best to 2012!!!:D


  6. @Goodthings: I can't believe how popular they've become too. They were so hard to find a few years back and now they're everywhere! They're not to bad to make! Really! Yeah, it's quite expensive for one little cookie lol

    @Kelly: The strawberry cake sounds so cute! I really do hope they end up opening a cafe there :)

    @James: You're welcome honey! For you, anytime! hehe

    @Malli: Happy New Year to you too!

    @Cinz: HK should have one! Maybe in the near future? The candles do smell wonderful :)

    I'll be happy to make you some whenever you visit Boston! :D They're definitely intimidating but they're not too bad to make hehe

    Have an awesome New Year filled with lots of sparkles and happiness Cinz!