Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Flavor

Beautiful peppermint rose. Btw, do you remember the Peppermint Rose cartoon back in the 90s? :)
Now that it's the holidays, have you had any peppermint-flavored goodies? I love making peppermint marshmallows and dropping them in a big mug of hot chocolate. The melted marshmallows slowly flavor the drink and it's heavenly. I must make some soon! Happy weekend everyone!


  1. i ♥ ur peppermint marshmallow. they are so yummy!!!

  2. I had a soy peppermint hot chocolate yesterday and it was heaven in a cup! AND they were out of tall cups and had to give me a grande. SCORE!

    Beautiful flower. :)

  3. yum......that sounds really nice and Christmasey =D wish i could have some but i got a throat infection and cold now:(

    I've not done anything x'mas related yet as i've been super busy - had family trip to Singapore, had to be MC and bridesmaid for a friend's wedding, as well as planning her Hens Night! crazy eh?

    p.s. love the flower!!!


  4. thanks Judy! I'm planning to make them again soon...maybe for our next meetup? :)

    @Hannah: that sounds amazing! love free upgrades hehe

    @Cinz: That is crazy busy! Rest and get well soon!

  5. What a beautiful flower! So gorgeous!

  6. @Leah: Mother Nature is just too amazing :)