Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fancy Pants

Moochi and Brownie were ready to celebrate our wedding too! 
Don't they look dashing and oh-so sophisticated? :)

I searched the internet for ways to make a simple bow tie for them and was so happy when I stumbled upon Nicole's blog. The bow tie she made was perfect. I ended up making a replica of it. Thank you so much for your wonderful design Nicole!

Btw, you can see more of Moochi and Brownie here, here, and here :)


  1. so cute. you did an awesome job <3

  2. can't believe u made those! SO CUTE!!!

  3. Thanks Carrie! Didn't want to leave them out of the festivities :) My mom actually stitched everything together for me once I measured and cut out the bows and collars. She wanted to help since I had so many other things to her needle work is way better than mine hehe