Monday, August 20, 2012

Small World

I want to share more of my uncle's work today. My uncle lives in Holland with his family and these pictures were taken back in 2007 when I paid them a visit. He makes all sorts of beautiful crafts out of wood but his passion is making miniature items. You already know I love cute little things so it was such a pleasure to take these photos. I can take pictures of his works all day! He is so talented. I will have to let the photos speak for themselves. You can see more on his website here :)

The details are so amazing. The giraffes' legs are so thin...can't believe they can all stand up too :)

Super tiny guitars in their own display case. My uncle also has a crazy cool signature (upper right corner) that he cut out for the case.

These were set on 10 cent Euro coins. I love the middle one! I set a tiny teddy bear on a chair with a guitar and a rocking horse on the side :)
 (left) Another look at the cuteness!; (right) My uncle working on a chair

It's tiny!
I love the display of the different stages of completion for the carousel horse.

They are all so small but I love the baby elephant.

 (left) This bear has movable arms and legs; (right) Tiny pair of Dutch clogs

And yes, the clogs fit hehe

This picture makes me feel like I was in Santa's workshop :)


  1. Absolutely amazing! I love them all! Thanks so much for sharing this. I especially like the fact that the clogs fit on the bear!

    1. I know! I had a moment of cuteness overload on that one :)

  2. oh my....those mini clogs are super duper CUTE! hahha so cute that the bear can fit it too;) and those tiny guitars are really delicate and i can tell he has steady hands for sure,hehe


    1. He is so talented. I can look at his stuff for hours! They're so tiny and cute!

  3. i mean your uncle has steady hands, haha