Monday, October 15, 2012

DIY: Simple Notecards

Today I want to share a simple way to make pretty notecards out of plain cardstocks. 

You will only need craft paper punches (any shape you like) and plain cardstocks. Here I used a flower-shape puncher and a mini-round hole puncher. You probably already have these materials at home if you love crafts as much as I do. If not, these punches usually cost $5-$10 a piece and a stack of 100 cardstocks is around $5. It's a good investment if you need a lot of notecards or if you can use the same craft punches for other projects.

Use the paper punches and punch out a design that you like. You can do the whole border or keep it simple like I did with this design.

This DIY is very versatile. You can chose cardstocks in any color and paper punches in any shape that you like. It's a fun way to use your creativity :)


  1. That is such a cute DIY! I had one of those craft paper punch before in the shape of a cat!! That was back in high skool, I got no idea where it is now tho,lol

    Awww...u are so creative:)Funny, whenever i see DIY stuff i think of you!haha


    1. Thanks Cinz! I love diys...the simpler the better!