Monday, October 8, 2012

Wedding Colors

While I was planning for the wedding, I was often asked what my wedding colors were. Picking them was very easy for me because I knew I wanted the rich royal colors of a traditional Vietnamese/Chinese wedding. Red and gold have such a cultural and historical importance in all of our celebrations. Plus, I've always loved these colors because of all the historical Chinese drama I used to watch when I was younger. They remind me of the beautiful settings and costumes of the royal court.

Invitations set the tone for the wedding so my theme and colors were on full display. I accented the red and gold with touches of pink, cream, and blue. Since I enjoy making things, I decided to make our invitations too. I had fun designing them and picking out the papers, envelopes, and stamps. I only needed 60 invitations so I was able to print everything out at home.

These envelope liners were another DIY project that I did. I made a simple template and cut them out of these pretty gift wrapping papers. It's a lot cheaper than buying pre-made ones. (Future DIY post, maybe?) I have to thank my sister for helping me find these beautiful papers. I love the light blue color. It contrasts with the red nicely. The birds and the cherry blossoms matched with my theme too. I also later found out that this print is named "Double Happiness". How perfect is that?

Btw, many of you were curious as to what inspired me to paint my vases turquoise. It was because of the blue color in these envelope liners :)

I was so happy that these stamps were available this year. The dragon and bonsai stamps were the perfect finishing touch for our wedding invitations. I really love how our invitations turned out :)

What colors would you pick for a special celebration?  I would love to know!

*You can see more of my wedding theme/colors in these posts: Wedding Dessert Table & Traditional Dress :)
*Envelopes, invitation papers, and gift wrapping papers were bought at Paper Presentation in NYC.
*Gold card stocks for the invitations were bought at Paper Source.


  1. oh never fail to impress me with your DIY!!! I am sooo jealous!! Gosh, i really need to try one of these DIY one of these days!!!

    I cant believe you DIY'ed those invitations!~ It's sooo pretty man, like something you would find in a stationary shop!

    I love the birds on the card and double happiness is defo the right name:)

    Yes, i agree, the red and gold is soo lovely and cultural for Asian weddings, don't ya think?

    for some reason, i've always wanted something like Tiffany blue but im not sure if that will change when my wedding day does come, that's if it ever comes! lol

    Pls do a DIY for these envelopes!!! Would love to see the make in progress pics;)


    1. You're so sweet! Sometimes I think "What did I get myself into?" with these DIY projects lol. Persistent pays off I guess hehe.

      Tiffany blue would be a beautiful color! To me, a wedding is just a big party with your loved ones so you don't need a wedding to have an awesome party. That's just too limiting! :)

      I will do a DIY for the's really easy!