Monday, October 1, 2012

Pretty Frames

I'm loving these new picture frames I bought for my photos. They really match well with the photos, don't you think? My customers at SoWa have been buying them as Christmas gifts for the Paris-lovers in their lives (kudos to early holiday shopping!). It always makes me feel so happy to know that my photos make other people happy :) Have you started Christmas shopping yet? Any Francophiles in your lives?


  1. Lovely frames indeed, Madame;) Gosh, looking at these macarons and la tour effiel makes me miss Paris!your macarons looks sooo yummy! i like the gold padded chair as well:)


    1. Thanks Cinz! I get so excited when I find frames that compliment the photos well. I miss Paris too! Did you indulge in a lot of sweets while you were there? :)