Friday, October 5, 2012

Fun Macarons

Aren't they cute? :) Earlier this year, I was working on a tutorial on how to make these fun-shaped macarons after the great response I got from my Hello Kitty macarons post. Many readers wanted to learn how to make them and it inspired me to experiment with new shapes and recipes. I want to write up a foolproof recipe with clear instructions and techniques so that making macarons doesn't have to be so intimidating. I had to put this project on hold to plan for our upcoming wedding at the time but now I'm eager to start again. So please stay tuned for more updates on this project!


  1. Awww..the rabbits look so kawaii!!!!!! i love the facial expressions you put on them!

    I had a chance to make my very first macarons last month! my friend took me to a suprise macaron baking class as part of my 30th bday pressie,hehe..i was soo suprised! Well, i did keep talking about macarons after i came back from Paris last month,hahaha

    The sun flower macarons are cute too! I cant wait for your recipe with clear instructions! hehehe i'm a disaster when it comes to making macarons! i'm determined to make them tho:)

    p.s. funny how its the hello kitty macarons in your past post that lead me to your blog;)


    1. What a sweet birthday gift! How did they turn out? I talk about macarons all the time too so I understand lol. Would love to see more pics of your trip to Europe! I will definitely work hard to get a good recipe for you! So glad that you found my blog :)