Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cute Label Wins

Did you treat yourself to a lot of bubbly to ring in the New Year? I was looking for champagne but this prosecco caught my eye (of course!). I love the cute macaron label! It's very affordable and taste good too. This would be perfect for a bridal shower or any party with your girlfriends. I can't wait to have a macaron-theme party now :)


  1. omg that is sooo CUTE! I would had sooo gotten it too,hehehe

    Btw, did you know they opened a Laduree in HK?!?!? The que was crazy when it first opened in early Dec just thought i'd let you know as you love your macarons:)


    1. lol we're suckers for cute labels huh? :)

      They finally opened one there?! Yay! Have you been? I love the orange blossom one!

    2. Yah they FINALLY opened one! I thought it would never happen. But the que has been so crazy i havent had time to go buy their macarons. My friend told me that her friend waited for 2 hours in the que! That is just too much for me even if i like macarons,lol

      I've been good! i just came back from Vancouver! Yeah, i went there last min to celebrate Christmas with my friends, it was sooo fun! i've never been to Canada so it was quite an experience..the fresh sashimi, road trip to the states for outlet shopping, the snow, trying Tim Hortons coffee, havin my first time Poutine at Fritz,drinking their delish cocktails, and going to such warm and fun x'mas house parties! It's just something you can get in HK u know what i mean? lol

      I cant wait to see your honey moon pics:)

      p.s. i think my fave macaron flavor is pistachio or earl grey:)


    3. i mean it's something you CANT get in