Friday, January 25, 2013

Hello Kitty Cafe

This post is going to delight all the Hello Kitty fans out there. My friends, Judy and Carrie, visited Seoul back in May and I knew I had to make a stop at this cafe when I saw their trip photos :)

The preview of what's to come.

Hello Kitty's face was everywhere. I love the dusting of her face on all the drinks and desserts. 

It started to get really pink as we headed upstairs. I love these little paintings of her!

James' expression is so funny in this picture. He looks a little frightened, doesn't he? He must have felt like he was in a Hello Kitty twilight zone. I remembered him saying, "It's really pink in here." lol

It was definitely pink and super girly. It's not a place for someone who doesn't like pink or Hello Kitty. 

This picture is Hello Kitty overload but I love it! I couldn't help it. I have the ring and really wanted to get a pic with as many Hello Kitty faces as possible :)

We ordered the strawberry mousse vanilla cake and toffee latte. It was hard to take that first sip and bite. James didn't have a problem with it though. He couldn't wait to eat the pretty cake. Look at his sinister. The cake was good. I love that it wasn't overly sweet. The latte was too weak for James but I liked it since I'm not a big coffee drinker.

The women's restroom. How cute is the mirror? I should have told James to take a pic of the men's room hehe.

These signs are so cute (like everything else!). I especially like the kitchen one. The chair on the left is adorable too.

The seating downstairs have these cool cut-outs.
This picture was James' idea :) Overall, I really like the cafe - a must-visit for any Hello Kitty fan. It was fun and I would go back again just for the cake. The design is a little on the kiddie side. I would love to see a Hello Kitty cafe that is more glamorous and sophisticated. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Close-up of the cuteness outside.
Hello Kitty Cafe's Address: 358-112 1F Seogyo-Dong, Mapo-gu


  1. That is soo CUTE!!!!!!!! The strawberry mousse vanilla cake and toffee latte sounds delish and toffee/caramel flavors are my fave! Gosh i agree, how can you eat a cake that looks soo cute?!!?? lol...the tiramisu cake lookalike looks nice too!!! So what did you want to say regarding the hello kitty ring? if only what? hehe

    I couldnt help but laugh when you said James said its really pink in here...hahhah such a thing a guy would say but hes a champ for going with you:) Surely not all men can stand this hello kitty'ness!!! You got a good hubby, bless ya!

    Ohh and i lovee the hello kitty cut outs, they are super cute!!! And same with the washroom and the signs:) But yes, defo more kiddo style but i bet i would love this place when i was a hardcore HK fan during my childhood. It be paradise:D

    Love the second last pic and how creative/cute that James had that idea for you to take that pic with the bow:D

    I will definitely go check this place out if i go to Korea!!!


    1. hehehe about the hello kitty ring photo, I thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if we could get a picture with my ring and all the hello kitty goodies all in one shot?" I had the idea for the photo before we even went to the cafe lol. I love that ring and thought there's no better place to take a pic of it hehehe

      James' so funny. He said it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be BUT he also only said this after he ate the cake lol. He's happy as long as he has something good to eat :)

      Yes! You must visit Korea again...they have such good desserts and fun cosmetics :)

    2. wowzers..I'm with James on this one...Hello Kitty and pink overload O.O

      But I'd go there for the sweets :)