Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy 2 Years!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my blog! Two years ago today I decided to finally start a blog and I'm glad that I did. It has been so fun sharing my little adventures with my family and friends. I love that I get make new friends from all over the world along the way too. I hope that I can continue to spread a bit of happiness through this blog and inspire myself and others. Thank you all for your love and support! To many more blog birthdays together! ♥

To celebrate, I made my favorite chocolate cupcakes topped with a layer of chocolate ganache and fun sprinkles :)


  1. Happy blog birthday! May there be many more.

  2. Happy 2nd blog bday!!! So glad i found your blog last year because its soo inspiring and with a lot of yum food, keep it up:)Loveeeee following your blog,hehe...believe it or not,i've not added you to my blogroll yet and i just keep clicking on your old comments to link back here,lol... BUT this will all change cuz i'm adding adding you once i figure how to do it! It's been too long since i've added blogs on my blogroll,lol

    and man..those cupcakes are delish!So lucky that your hubby can eat all these goodies!!

    p.s. how did u celebrate NYE?!!?!? did u bake? i would loove to know or see pics:D


    1. Thank you so much Cinz! I love your blog too! It always inspires me to put pretty outfits together or just daydream about it hehe. I'm so glad we met through this blog world. I'm guilty of not adding many of my favorite blogs too lol.

      James' happy but it's a catch 22...he has to work out extra hard at the gym (or he plans to lol) to burn off all the sweets he eats haaha

      We had a pretty low key new year...just stayed home and relaxed. I think we were burnt out from all the festivities lol