Friday, January 18, 2013

Locks of Love

One of the fun and romantic things to do in Seoul is to visit the N Seoul Tower and profess your love by putting a lock on the Tower's fence. It's fitting seeing that we were there for our honeymoon :)

The cable car ride up to the tower was crowded since it was a beautiful Saturday. While we were there, James and I were debating if this is the same place where they filmed a scene in "Boys Over Flowers" and it was! Boys Over Flowers was my first Korean drama. We watched it last year because we were bored one day and came across it on Netflix. We gave it a shot and I was hooked (although I did skip a few parts because it was overly dramatic! >_< ) It was a funny and sweet drama about young love and I really enjoyed it.

A nice view of the city on the way up

There were so many locks! We looked for the perfect place for our lock and found this little spot here. It'll be fun to search for it whenever we visit Seoul again :)

 I love looking at all the different locks that were there. There were so many cute ones!

James found one with his last name on it!
This couple must have been crazy in love! Check out the size of that lock! Btw, James wished he thought of that lol
(left) They built a bunch of these Christmas tree-looking structures to accommodate more locks; (right) The top of the tower

These birds were enjoying the beautiful fall day too!


  1. i LOVE this title for this post, it's perfect and just right for the occasion as well- your honeymoon:D

    These are such pretty and sweet photos, i lovee the white bear with the heart on his chest hanging in the first pic, too cute:)

    Korean drama? oh boy, i remember when i watched my first one in high school, i was balling my eyes out,lol..i swear, their love stories are ALWAYS so sad,lol..not sure if you seen it, its about a brother and sister who finds out they're not real siblings and the family leaves her behind and in the future they meet again and fall in love. Story sound familiar? hope soo...hehe

    okay, back to your photos! i also like the way you captured that shot of the tower top,very arty:)

    LoL..i had to laugh when i saw that BIG GIANT lock!!! sooo much love;) but doesn't look as cute as the rest,lol

    How many days did you stay in Seoul? Did you say you were going to Japan as well, for your honeymoon???

    Await for your next post!!!!^___^


    1. No, I haven't watched that drama...sounds so crazy and heartbreaking! I used to watch those historical Mandarin dramas in middle school and boy, those made me cry so bad lol.

      That giant lock is definitely not cute! I would have to veto James if he really wanted a lock like that hahaha

      We were in Seoul for 6 days and almost 2 weeks in Japan. It was a big trip for us. We didn't go on any trips for 2 years just to save up for it! So worth it though. I have soooo many more pictures to share...hope you don't get bored of them!