Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Walk

I can finally share these pictures from James' birthday last month now that all the holiday posts are done. We took a lovely walk in the Public Garden that day before heading to dinner. The happiest part was when I spotted this little guy popping his head out of a hole in the tree. He was so cute! He just stared straight at me as I was taking his picture :) Hope you like these photos as much as I do!

Can you see him? James couldn't believe that I spotted him because he was so high up in the tree lol.
We love taking walks together and the Public Garden is one of our favorite spot ♥
(left) This guy was so cute and chubby; (right) Its been so warm lately that all the trees were starting to bud.

He found a peanut and was happily eating it.
I love the vibrant red color.
(left) Reminds me of a soft serve ice cream hehe; (right) More pretty berries

The spikey round things are so cool! Too bad I couldn't zoom any closer...they were so high up.
Another cute squirrel ready for a photo :)


  1. Awww...this post is so cute! Happy belated bday to your bf:)You guys look sooo sweet together!!! It sounds so romantic how you guys enjoy walks together, the simplest things are the best at times. I find that a hard thing for couples to like to do in stressful HK!!! I love nature too and i miss where i came from:(

    It's great how you guys have been together for so long and surely been through a lot. Thanks for your kind and wise words on my 2011 recap post:)I was really happy when i saw that you took your time and really read that post. You know how some don't really read it and you can tell? hahaha. But honestly, it meant a lot and i felt touched when i read all those supportive and genuine comments regarding that particular post.Anyhow lets hope it will be a superb 2012 for us both!!!!!!!!;D

    Now onto your other photos in this post!!! The squirrel shots are so darn cute! I love the fatty one, he must be dale from chip and dale, always busy munching on walnuts/peanuts,lol. The first shot is fab too, amazing how he was staring right into your eyes!

    I love the berry shots too!


  2. Thanks Cinz! It's so true about the simplest thing being the best things :) HK is such a busy city. I did enjoy walking along the Avenue of the Stars when I was there a few years ago though hehe.

    Thank you for your sweet compliments about me and my fiance. It's a lot of work to keep a relationship fresh and happy! lol I really love your 2011 recap. You were so honest with your feelings and I was really touched by it. 2012 will be awesome! I can feel it hehe

    Those squirrels were too cute. I would've stayed there all day to take pictures if we didn't have dinner plans ;P