Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday!

My little blog turns 1 year old tomorrow! I can't believe I've been blogging for a year already. When I first started this blog, I just wanted to share my photos with others. Since then it has become so much more than that. This blog has become my creative outlet where I can explore and share my love for photography, baking, traveling, writing, and anything else that I'm hooked on. Having this blog pushes me to be more productive and creative with my spare time. I find myself setting time aside to try new recipes or crafts and that makes me really happy.

One thing that surprised me about blogging is all of the friends that I've made from all over the world. It's really incredible. A few months after I started, I discovered the Stats page and it blew my mind. I could never imagine that all of these people were reading my blog! I was perfectly happy when I thought that it was just my close friends and family reading it. I couldn't stop smiling after that discovery. It's hard to believe that I have readers from Australia, France, England, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and so many other wonderful countries. I remember telling James one day that I have a reader from Latvia. That got me really excited because I didn't even know where Latvia was! (I promptly looked it up afterward lol) It's so fun to get to know someone who's half a world away and find out how similar we are :) I would love to get to know more of my readers so please join and leave comments!

This blog brings me so much happiness and I'm really looking forward to the year ahead. I'm inspired by so many amazing bloggers out there and I hope that I can inspire my readers too. I have a few fun projects planned and will start hosting stay tuned! Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope to celebrate many more blog birthdays with you all! ♥

Now onto the cake! I wanted to bake something fun to celebrate and a confetti cake (also called funfetti cake) fits the bill. It has been on my list of things to bake for a while so I was happy to finally make it. I halved this white cake recipe and folded 2 tablespoons of rainbow sprinkles (the longer ones like these) into the batter. I baked it in a 10-inch pan so that I can cut smaller rounds out of the cake to make a mini layer cake.

I used a small bowl (it's around 4.5 inch in diameter) as a template and cut around it with a small sharp knife. The scraps are good to snack on while you're frosting the cake :)

I frosted the cake with half a batch of Martha Stewart's Swiss Meringue Buttercream. I love how cute this cake is. I think I'm going to make little cakes like this more often.


  1. Oh my lorddddddd really???? Can I get a piece please!!!!! lol

  2. It's so cute miss! Wish you were home to see it :)

  3. Happy Blog Birthday! I have enjoyed reading all of your posts since I found your blog. I love funfetti cake and I love mini cakes even more!!

  4. YaY! Happy Birthday! I look forward to read more fun and interesting stuff from you <3
    It makes me happy every time when you're excited about a blog post :*)

  5. Happy 1 year blog-birthday darling!!!!! So happy to have found you in the blogosphere world, and your pretty looking desserts always puts a smile to my face (and lots of drooling!!!!)...

    I love this confetti cake, the rainbow sprinkles are sooo colorful, perfect for this celebration posting=D I couldn't help but laugh on the train on my way to work this morning, when i read the part that you can snack on the scraps! I don't bake much but i so know what you mean, haha...i've done it many times in other ways, such as when i'm making a fruit salad! I eat them while i make it, lol.

    Yes, the blogging world is amazing eh?! I've come across so many bloggers from all sorts of places ranging from the states, Sweden, Thailand, and to the UK and back to Thailand! lol... I find so much inspiration from bloggers as well, especially in the fashion, personal life style,food, and art categories, hehehe.....

    Hope you have a week ahead, Phuong!


  6. i mean hope you have a fab week ahead;)

  7. @Goodthings: Thank you!

    @Cupcake Kelly: Thank you so much Kelly! That means so much to me. Mini cakes are awesome!

    @James: Awwww thanks honey! You're the best!

    @Cinz: Thanks Cinz! I'm so happy to have a blog friend all the way from HK :) Thanks for all your comments...I love reading them! Yes sometimes I get full from picking on the food as I'm making them. I end up not eating much of it when it's the actual meal time lol

    @Leslie: Thank you! :)