Monday, January 16, 2012

The Little Things

You must visit Suzuki's if you are near Rockland, ME. They have very fresh and delicious sushi.
Came across this photo today and it made me smile. It was so sweet to end a fantastic meal with this "thank you" from our server. Just a simple cute smiley face put me in such a good mood :)


  1. So adorable :) I remember how happy it made you:o)

  2. Cute indeed:)Funny how the samllest gestures can put a smile to our face:)oh yeah,we got a suzuki cafe/retaurant here too! tastes yummy...


  3. @Devon: It's just so cute with the lashes and all! :)

    @Cinz: That's so cool. I wonder if it's from the same owner?