Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Old vs. New

I love how Old Kyoto is nestled among the trees and hidden away from the modern city in this photo.
If I can travel to one place right now, it'll be Kyoto, Japan. It's such a magical place with breathtaking views,  beautiful traditions, delicious food, lovely handmade crafts, cute snacks and so much more. Now it's even easier for me to fly there! American Airlines have officially announced its partnership with Japan Airlines and will offer Boston its first nonstop service to Tokyo Narita starting on April 22nd. This will cut a few hours off of a very long flight for us Bostonians. I'm so excited! Kyoto...I'll see you soon :)


  1. Kyoto is absolutely my favorite city in the Globe!!! it's such a beautiful place, with lots of picture-perfect scenery. and of course, the old & new aspects balancing each other out. i just love Japan with all of its landmark surprises - u're walk'n among skyscrapers & out of nowhere, there's a tiny temple on ur right. don't mention all the matcha desserts in Kyoto!! MMMMMMM NOM NOM NOM! =D

  2. So jealous!i've never been to Japan and always wanted to!! Have a fab time in Kyoto!!!:)


  3. @Carrie: I can't agree more! I remember turning around a corner as we were walking and suddenly seeing a huge pagoda. It literally took my breath away. So many things to love...tofu, matcha, sweets, Mt. Fuji, everything cute, etc. etc. I can't wait to go back!

    @James: We'll be back soon ♥

    @Cinz: I wish I was visiting that soon lol. Probably not until the fall. I'm just daydreaming in the meantime :) You have to go! You are so close!!!