Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Blue Flower Earl Grey Tea Macarons

I'm working on a new macaron flavor. It's Blue Flower Earl Grey tea. I fell in love with this tea when I worked at Flour Bakery. The blue cornflower petals make this Earl Grey extra special. This macaron was inspired by one of the handmade chocolates that Flour offered one year for Valentine's Day. Nicole, the executive pastry chef, made a rich Earl Grey tea ganache dipped in dark chocolate and accented it with a single blue petal. Its been years but I still remember how beautiful it looked and how good it tasted. So thank you Nicole for the inspiration!

Most Earl Grey tea-infused ganache are made with either milk or dark chocolate. With my macarons, I decided to use white chocolate instead for a more delicate flavor (and just to test it out for fun since I haven't seen it done with white chocolate yet!). This was the first batch I made and I definitely want to add more tea next time. I think the Earl Grey flavor is more prominent when I've made it with milk chocolate. I don't know for sure yet until I test out another batch with more tea but I'm happy with this first trial :)


  1. wowwwwwww...Phuong! You're making me super jealous that you can MAKE and EAT such pretty,yummy, and exotic flavored macarons!!! I really like this concept of garnishing the macaron with flower petals.What did you work as when you were at the Flour Bakery???:)

    And i have to tell you, it's always such a pleasure/treat when i come to work in the early mornings or during lunch break and take a peek at your blog. They always make me go "WOW!!!"...hehehe just thought it be fair that i let you know!

    Happy Friday and have a fab weekend!!!

    p.s. i've sadly come down with a flu so i didnt get to have my Laduree fix:(


  2. You are so sweet Cinz! It's friends like you that makes blogging so much fun :) It keeps me inspired and really pushes me to try to do projects that I've been putting off. This blog really keeps me in check! lol

    I was just a counter staff when I worked at Flour...making hot drinks, sandwiches, making sure the bakery display case stays fully stocked and beautiful, etc. It was nice to observe and learn how a bakery is run and the experience is invaluable if I'm lucky enough to open my own bakery one day!

    I hope you get a lot of rest and feel better soon! Have a restful weekend! :)