Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Homemade Kit Kats

Here's a simple treat to make for Valentine's Day! I was inspired to make my own Kit Kat bars after seeing so many cool Kit Kat flavors in Japan :)

All you need to do is buy wafer cookies and cover them with melted chocolate (so easy right?!) Here I used white chocolate and strawberry wafer cookies. You can find wafer cookies in many different flavors. I even saw taro-flavored ones at my local Asian supermarket!

I made these on a whim so I don't have exact measurements but 5 ounces of chocolate should cover at least 4-6 wafer cookies depending on their size.

wafer cookies (any flavor you like)
white, semi-sweet, or dark chocolate (look for good quality brands like Guittard, Valrhona, or Scharffen Berger)
1. Line a sheet pan with parchment paper and place a cooling rack on top.
2. Place the wafer cookies about an inch apart on the cooling rack.
3. Chop the chocolate with a serrated knife. The smaller you chop up the chocolate, the easier it will be to melt it.
4. Put the chocolate into a microwave-safe bowl and microwave for 20 seconds. Remove, stir, and continue to do this (heat for 15-20 seconds, remove, and stir) until the chocolate is just melted. Stir until it's completely smooth.*
5. Pour the melted chocolate over the wafer cookies; making sure to cover them completely.
6. Decorate with sprinkles if you like. 
7. Let the chocolate set/harden (about 30 minutes) and enjoy!

*Here after the chocolate has fully melted, I also stirred in a small packet of strawberry-flavored crystals called "Strawberry Crunch" that I bought in Japan to boost the strawberry flavor.

I haven't tried the strawberry-flavored Kit Kats in Japan yet but these will do. They were so good! The high quality white chocolate gives it a very gourmet taste. I can't wait to make other flavor combinations :)

Have you tried any fun Kit Kat flavors from Japan?


  1. I used to work with someone who transferred over from Tokyo and she would bring us weird kit kat's. I think the weirdest was cantaloupe and green tea.

    1. I love the green tea ones. Did you like them? Cantaloupe sounds intriguing lol.

  2. Okay,this one sounds easy to make,i gotta give it a try!!!:D They look sooo pretty and love how you added the hearts sprinkle!!! I've tried green tea, cantaloupe,pumpkin,and i think orange flavor:)But i got them in HK and not Japan, lol. What about you???


    1. Yes! I forgot that HK has cool flavors too! So jealous hehehe

      Those flavors sound amazing esp the orange and cantaloupe ones! Which ones were your favorites?

      I've tried green tea, roasted tea, cinnamon cookies, apples, cookies & cream, and matcha. The apples and cinnamon cookies are soooo good. They've gotten quite expensive now compared to when I first went to Japan 5 years ago. I guess these special flavors have become so popular as souvenirs/gifts that they raised the prices!