Monday, February 4, 2013


Valentine's Day is coming up! I love holidays and celebrations so I'm happily planning the sweet treats I'm going to make. Maybe I'll make these heart macarons again. I made them sometime last year but forgot to share the photos! I love the edible heart glitters. They made them extra cute! Are you planning to bake anything sweet this Valentine's Day?

Btw, I made these heart macarons by piping a short v-shape with a 1/2-in round tip :)


  1. WOw..i just saw a cake shop (called SIFT) advertising these heart shaped macarons via their FB page!!! I've never seen a heart shaped macaron in real life!!! Gosh, you can even make them in heart shape!!! I'm sure James will be lucky enough to eat them;)

    and those edible heart glitters are tooo cute and pretty! Look forward to you 2013 V-day sweet treats!!!

    p.s. Namie is coming to hk for her 20th anniversary concert next month and i got the tix!!! Been waiting to see her for the past 17 years,lol...just thought i'd share this joyful news of mine with my blogging world friend;)


    1. Thanks Cinz! James' belly is always happy with these sweet treats hehe

      17 years is a long time to wait! So excited for you! Take pics! :)